Petit-Champlain – the Most Beautiful Street in Quebec, Canada

Petit-Champlain – the Most Beautiful Street in Quebec, Canada

Petit-Champlain, Quebec City, Canada. Beautiful city of Quebec gets covered in snow and decorated in thousands of lights in winter, thus becoming a desirable destination. Meanwhile Petit Champlain is the most popular and picturesque neighborhood: visitors come here to explore the historical architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and mural paintings. Moreover – it is the oldest shopping district in the whole continent!

The pedestrian street also features the Breakneck Stairs: built in 1635 it is the oldest stairway in Quebec. A wonderful panoramic views open from the top, overlooking Old Quebec. Besides all the historically significant buildings, little boutique shops, cafes and restaurants also attract crowds. However, the busiest season is summer, so in winter you can be pleased to find it less crowded.

Why to go there?

The street is one of the most beautiful in the city. It turns into a real Winter Wonderland, with numerous shops, cafes, restaurants and panoramic views.

When to go there?

In December. It is also less crowded compared to the summer months.

How to get there?

Get around the city by bus or on foot – it is within a hand’s reach from Old Town.

Lead photo by Nicolas Bouchard

Petit-Champlain-Photo by Anwar Vazquez

Photo by Anwar Vazquez

Petit-Champlain-Photo by Yves Tessler

Photo by Yves Tessler

Petit-Champlain-Photo by Dawna Moore

Photo by Dawna Moore

Petit-Champlain-Photo by Celso Mollo

Photo by Celso Mollo

Petit-Champlain - the Most Beautiful Street in Quebec, Canada

Photo by Unknown